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Government Health & Safety Sites

Australian Government - ASCC

Australian Government - Comcare

Australian - Maritime Safety Authority

Australia - National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority

Australian Capital Territory - Workcover

Queensland - Workplace Health & Safety

Queensland - Dept. of Mines Safety

New South Wales - Workcover Authority

New South Wales - Minerals & Mining

Victoria - Workcover Authority

Tasmania - Workplace Standards Authority

Tasmania - Marine Safety

South Australia - Workcover Corporation

South Australia - Mining & Quarrying OHS Committee

Western Australia - Worksafe

Northern Territory - Work Safe


WH&S Site Lists


Rescue Links

Ergonomics - University of South Australia 

Emergency Services Sites - National

Emergency Services Sites - State Based


Professional Associations

Association of Risk & Insurance Managers

Australian Institute of Risk Management

Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Australasian Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Aust & NZ Society of Occupational Medicine

Australian College of Occupational Health Nurses

Ergonomics Society of Australia

Safety Institute of Australia


WH&S Education Institutions

Ballarat University - VIOSH

Central Queensland University - OH&S Unit

Curtin University - OH&S Unit

Monash University OHS Unit

University of NSW - Safety Science

OHS Education Portal

List of Australian Universities


Trade Unions

ACTU - OH&S Resources


Labour Council NSW - UnionSafe

QLD - Nurses Union



National Library - Courts & Legislation

Australian Parliament - Legislation

ASCC - National Standards, Codes

Commonwealth - Comcare

Queensland - Legislation

Queensland - WH&S Legislation

Victoria - Legislation

Northern Territory - H&S Legislation


ASCC - Site Index

ASCC - Solutions

Comcare - Publications

Queensland - Subject Index

Victoria - Industries

New South Wales - Publications

Western Australia - Subject Listing


Fact Sheets & Alerts

ASCC - Publications

Comcare - Publications

Queensland - Guides

New South Wales - Guides, Alerts

Victoria - Publications

Victoria - Natural Disaster Information

Northern Territory - Information Bulletins

ACT Publications

Standards - Standards Australia

SAI Global WebStore

Building Code of Australia


Case Information

Australian Legal Information Institute

World Legal Information Institute

List of Legal Sites

Australian Attorney General - ScalePlus


Queensland - Courts



Industry Commission - Work, Health & Safety

Queensland WH&S Reports



Queensland - Construction

NSW Construction Policy Steering Committee

Victoria - Construction Safety


Rural & Farms

ASCC - Farms & Rural

Queensland - Rural Subject Index



Uni of Sydney Guidelines on Laboratory Safety

CCH Guidelines on Laboratory Safety

Uni of Western Sydney Guidelines on Laboratory Safety

WA Guidelines on Laboratory Safety

Uni of Newcastle Guidelines on Laboratory Safety


Natural Hazards & Disasters

Surviving Cyclones in Australia

Bureau of Meteorology

EMA - Cyclones, Fire, Floods etc.

Queensland - State Emergency Service

Queensland - SES & Marine Volunteers

Queensland - Lightning Tracker

Queensland University Earthquakes

New South Wales - State Emergency Services

Victoria - State Emergency Service

South Australia - State Emergency Service

Western Australia - State Emergency Service

Australia Severe Storms

The Weather Co

Ergonomics & Manual Handling

Queensland - Manual Handling

Mark Dohrmann & Partners Ergonomics Sites

U of Q - Ergonomics OnLine


Shift Work & Stress

Sleep & Shift Work Research University of SA NT



Hazardous Substances

ASCC - Search Hazardous Substances

ASCC - Exposure Standards

ASCC - Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods

Queensland - Chemical Hazard Emergency Management

Federal Office of Road Safety - Dangerous Goods


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Hazardous Substances Review



Fire & Safety

Queensland - Fire & Rescue Authority

Queensland - Fire Safety Sites

New South Wales - Fire Safety Sites

Australian National University - FireNet Sites

Fire Protection Association of Australia


Plant & Equipment

Queensland - Forklift Safety

Queensland - Machine Guarding


Road & Vehicle Safety

Federal Office of Road Safety - Vehicle Recalls

Australian Transport Bureau

ARRB Transport Research

Transport - Vehicle Safety

Queensland - Road Safety

New South Wales - Road Safety

Northern Territory - Road Safety

Western Australia - Road Safety

NRMA - Motor Vehicle Crash Tests

Vehicle Design & Research Links

Vehicle Design & Research Index


Access Facilities

Functioning & Disability Publications

Family & Disability Research Centre

FaHCSIA Disability Publications

NDA Disability Publications

WA - Disability Research Network


Injury Data & Statistics

ASCC - Statistics

Western Australia - Statistics

Federal Office ATSB - Road Statistics

Federal Office ATSB - Rail Statistics

Federal Office ATSB - Aviation Statistics

Australian Bureau of Statistics - ABS

ABS - International Agencies Statistics

Flinders University Injury Deaths Australia

Home, Children - National Injury Surveillance Unit

Uni of Qld Injury Prevention Group


Workers' compensation

Queensland - Work cover

New South Wales - Workers Compensation

WA - Workers Compensation

Tasmania - Workers Compensation

Allianz - Workers Compensation Insurance



Comcare - Rehabilitation

Queensland - Rehabilitation

New South Wales - Injury Management

WA - Returning to Work


Young Persons & Students

Queensland - Student Safety

Monash University - Accident Research

WA - School Students Resources


Home, Family & Child Safety

Keeping your House Safe for Children

Water Safety for Children

Outdoor Safety for Kids

Child Safe Network


Family Safety Checklist

CentreLink - Child Care Providers Info

CareForKids - Child Care Providers

Men's Health Week

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Red Nose Day

Motor Neurone Disease

Quit Smoking

Rehab 4 Alcoholism

Alcohol Rehab


Food Safety

Food Safety and Hygiene

Food Standards

CSIRO - Food Safety

Queensland - Food Safety

Victoria - Food Safety

New South Wales - Food Safety

Multilingual - Food Safety
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