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To make a donation www.potatopacks.com

more than just a magazine
it's a message
kyani caring hands
A message about your unique identity, purpose and worth.
Once you understand that you were created on purpose for a purpose, you can't help but live that way.  

And that's the mission behind MICI's partnership with ProjectWellness365 and their Potato Packs initiative.

Proposed giving!

For just $29.95

we can supply five nutrient rich, mineral infused meals

to children in need

Potato Paks was created by the Kyäni Founder, Carl Taylor, who has a lifetime of experience in potato farming. Utilizing this expertise, Kyäni is pleased to offer the Kyäni Potato Pak for Distributors to purchase and donate to impoverished families. Kyäni Potato Pak was developed by dietary nutrition experts to help nourish the less fortunate with basic nutrients. Potato Pak contains protein, essential vitamins, and minerals in a quick and convenient pouch.

To offer this product in an instant ‘mix and eat’ is an industry first and a great benefit to those in need.

It's our goal this month and every month to raise enough to supply 500 meals!  

That’s 100 people, each pledging 5 meals each for just $29.95. Could you be one in one hundred?  

Join the Potato Pack pledge!
Partner with us for a one-off or monthly gift of $29.95, to feed 5 children in need!

When you log in (which you can do as a guest), scroll down to find potato paks, then choose the number of serves - 5 serves is $29.95 - so to do 10 serves just do two lots of 5 or there are 15 serves - whichever you'd like to do then pop all your details in like you would any online order and they'll email a receipt straight to you.


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