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Dear All,

Welcome to our Winter Edition of The Logic Times!  So much has happened since the last newsletter – one item that comes to mind is coming across a wonderful magazine called MICI. MICI is more than a magazine, it's a message about your unique identity, purpose and worth. And that's the mission behind MICI's partnership with ProjectWellness365 and their Potato Packs initiative. For just $29.95 we can supply five nutrient rich, mineral infused meals to children in need. Join Logic Business Resources and make a contribution by CLICKING HERE  

In this edition, we discuss workplace safety culture; what is it, how it can be improved and how to get everybody involved. Important health dates to remember this Winter include Bowel Cancer Awareness Month this June, click here to learn more http://www.bowelcancerawarenessmonth.org/ participate in Dry July and help people affected by cancer https://www.dryjuly.com/ National Diabetes Week in July, http://diabetesnsw.com.au/ and Jeans for Genes Day on 4th August https://www.jeansforgenes.org.au/ & it’s Tradies Health Month also in August, http://www.tradieshealth.com.au/

Check out the delicious soup recipe in Kitchen Corner to keep you warm during these chilly months.  

As per usual we have our Safety Alerts, Updates in Your Jurisdiction and Case Laws.  

Past issues of our newsletters can be viewed by clicking here

Please feel free to contact me directly on 0410 660 290 if you have any ideas for future newsletters, any comments, questions or concerns ... we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, please contact us on 1800 456 442 or email.

Until next month!

Kindest Regards,
Lorraine Rogic
Managing Director

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